Questions to Ask if You Want to be a Lawyer

Most parents will want  their children to either be a doctor, an engineer or a lawyer. Why not? These professions are some of the highest paying jobs in the world. A lawyer is a person whose profession advocates justice and the proper implementation of the law and its practices. Becoming a lawyer is not an easy undertaking. If you dream to become a lawyer, here are a few important questions you must answer with all honesty to know if this is the right profession for you.



  • Why do I want to be a lawyer? 

This is probably the most essential question you should ask yourself. Why do you want to be a lawyer? Do you want to be a lawyer because your goal is to protect the rights of the innocents and be your client’s voice as they seek for justice and truth? Or do you want to be a lawyer because your parents are also lawyers and it is a career that pays well? Being the one to represent a client’s case is not an easy task. Remember that making tons of money should never be the ultimate goal of a lawyers.   

  •  What type of lawyer will I be? 

The same that that doctors have different fields of practice like gynecology, cardiology, surgery, and many others, lawyer too have their own specialized field. Which field do you wish to practice? A few examples are criminal defense, bankruptcy, military, civil rights and business or corporate law.  

  •  Which law school will I go to?” 

Law schools are quite expensive so do your research to find the best school that fits you. Be mindful about the other matters as well such as your boarding, your food budget and your travel. If you can find scholarships and grants, you should try to apply for one to help you with the expenses.  

Like most professions, practicing law requires dedication, knowledge and most of all, a heart that is willing to serve others.     


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