Top 10 Law Schools

Being a lawyer is one of the top jobs in the world. To be a lawyer, one must graduate from a credited law school. If you are planning to take up law whether in the United States or in Europe, here are the top five schools in both regions: 

Top Law Schools in the U.S 

  1. New York University (New York, New York)

It was founded in 1835 in Greenwich Village and garnered a stellar reputation since then, especially on its international and tax law curriculum. There are ten student publications, and 87% of its graduates find a permanent job after graduation and passing the bar. The passing rate for bar licensure exam is 96%. 

  1. Stanford University (Stanford, California)

This is one of the best yet also one of the most expensive law schools not just in the U.S. but probably in the whole world as well. A law student in this university needs to have at least $100,000 per year to pay for the tuition fee and for the board and lodging in California’s pricey Bay Area. The price tag for the education can be easily earned after graduation and passing the bar as 73% of the graduates land highly coveted jobs. The bar passing rate is as high as 90%. 

  1. Harvard University (Cambridge, Massachusetts)

This university always makes it to the list of top law schools in the U.S. with its 95% bar passing rate. The required LSAT score for a student to enter this university is 173. Former President Barack Obama is an alumnus of this school. 

  1. University of Chicago (Chicago, Illinois)

Cofounded by John D. Rockefeller, this school consistently get high bar passing rate of as high as 92%. Most of the graduates secure highly coveted jobs right after graduation. 

  1. University of Pennsylvania (Philadelphia, Pennsylvania)

The bar passing rate of 98% is the main reason why this school stands tall above the rest when it comes to producing the next batch of lawyers. As much as 75% of the graduates secure positions at top law firms right after passing the bar exam. 

Top Law Schools in Europe 

A quick list of top five best law schools in Europe in descending order includes: 

5. King’s College, London

4. University College, London

3. London School of Economics and Political Science

2. University of Cambridge

1. University of Oxford



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